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Skylands Adrift
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Explore an amazing 6000x6000 blocks map filled with flying islands, remains of fallen factions, pirate bases and much, much more!
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Buy everything you need to get started right here at the Trader's Harbour!
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Start your own crew and run your own faction. Settle down anywhere you want in the skylands and become a mighty force in the constantly ongoing fight for resources and power!
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Build flying airships and sail the skies! Pick the ship class that fits your needs: Blockaderunner, Merchant Ship or Battleship, and trade!, fight!, hunt!
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Use cannons and firearms like our blunderbuss to ambush and surprise attack enemies over distance! All of our firearms come with their own unique custom crafting recipes!
Skylands Adrift Episode 3: Gold Rush is now Live!

Gold rush

Yes guys, its finally time! After weeks of hard work and some sleepless nights, we finally present you our brand new Episode, going out of Beta right now!

What is new?

  • Cannons are now made from Gunsteel. Gunsteel mix is crafted out of Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust, Lapis Lazuli and Coal and can be turned into Gunsteel ingots in the Furnace!
  • Brand new Nether world with 4 portals leading into it!
  • Lots of smaller features that are the most fun when you discover them yourself!

Other notable changes?

  • The Wasteland Bloodmine has been removed. It was a nice Bloodmine but its island shape never really fit in before so we kinda just decided to purge it.
  • The Map Size shrunk from 8k x 8k to 6k x 6k, which is the same size used on TSP and in Episode 1 of Skylands Adrift!
  • A brand new game world with biomes never before seen on Skylands Adrift! You can now find Mooshrooms in the wilderness for the first time in Skylands Adrift / TSP history!
  • Faction overclaiming has been enabled! Expect some serious combat this episode!
  • The most notable bugs from Episode 2 are fixed!
  • Sponge Trees grow faster in Episode 3, and fertilizing them only takes 10 Fermented Spider Eyes now per Growth Stage instead of 20!
  • The new VIP60 rank has been added! If you want to support the server and have a pocket that can support this rank, you'll be rewarded accordingly!
  • ???
  • Profit!

Skylands Adrift - Episode 3: Gold Rush - Now online!


Posted 12/29/2018 - Pinned
Skylands Adrift – Episode 2 “Era of Gold” online NOW!

Era of gold

Hello Everyone!

We are proud to (finally) announce the release of Skylands Adrift – Season 2 Episode 2 – Era of Gold.

The harbour is now open to commerce – and other activities. You can build your first boat and sail the skylands to discover floating islands, other players factions, breathtaking landscapes (well islandscapes would be more correct) and dangerous bloodmines. You roam the skies for resources and loot, ready to mine, fight, plunder and maybe even die. Money is physical currency now – keep your gold nuggets, ingots and blocks safe! If you discover anything amiss or have questions, please contact us on the forum via the support thread.

Feel free to give us feedback on the server, or suggest ideas that came into your mind.

Skylands Adrift – Season 2 Episode 2 – Era of Gold


You will need a 1.12.2 Vanilla client.

For playing on the server and using the forum, check out our server-, build- and forum-rules. By logging onto the server you accept the rules stated above and declare to abide by them.

For applying for full membership on the server you need to fill out the form on our minecraft forum post and wait for it to be processed by the moderators/admins.

Posted 07/25/2017
July Update: Episode 2

Firemine teaser

Yes guys, it is another news post. And guys. GUYS. We’re almost done.

Right now we still have a todo list of about 10-12 bullet points, most of them minor. But once that is done, we’re gonna release this!

The estimate right now is 1-2 weeks, but we are aiming for one week.

Another news post with the official announcement of the release date will be coming soon. Also do not forget to check into the unofficial Community Discord run by our fan “WolfTheMageYT”. Link:

Have a great day!


Posted 07/15/2017